Safe Sea – Swimalong is looking for partners in Denmark

Safe Sea is an all-in-one product that protects your skin from getting

  • Stung by jellyfish or sealice – it prevent stings from jellyfish
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  • Burnt by the sun – SPF 40 and above
  • Burnt by sports equipment – it is a bodyglide as well

The sunshield agent is excellent. The jellyfish sting protective effect is excellent while swimming open water, triathlon, surf or just swim for fun. You can even use Safe Sea in your butt while biking or in your neck while swimming open water to protect your skin from burns by equipment. The silicons are just the same as in an ordinary bodyglide but you also get the  jellyfish sting protective factors and the sunshield effect too.

Safe Sea is designed to be used all over your body. The lotion contains many anti ageing substances and humidity preserving agents suitable for the “scarfaced worn out” extreme athlete that cares for his/hers skin. Sun, salt and wind do affect the skin not only in short time but in longer perspectivs too. Safe Sea helps you look good in the long run. Read more>

Swimalong is now looking for partners in Denmark for following products

Safe sea “basic” – can be ordered in low volumes


  • Safe Sea SPF 40, (118 ml)
    Jellyfish sting protective, sunshield factor 40, bodyglide
  • Safe Sea SPF 40 Spray, (118 ml)
    Jellyfish sting protective, sunshield factor 40, bodyglide
    Contains less whitening agent and more of the silicons wich probably makes it an even better bodyglide. Tests are performed right now.

Safe sea Sport – 3200 items per order


  • Safe Sea Sort SPF 50, (50 ml)
    is designed to manage rougher friction from the water like water skiing. The bottle is smaller meaning it is suitable for sale at sport events like triathlons or swimruns. You get the all-in-one effect in Safe Sea Sport too – sunshield, jellyfish sting protection and bodyglide.


Safe sea “extreme” is developed for army use. It is an excellent for any person that spends lots of time exposed to sun, wind and salt. Top quality.


  • Safe Sea Waterprof sunblocker SPF 95 (50 ml)
    is probably the best sunshield factor on the market. The product is developed for army use but works excellent at a triathlon as well.
    There is no jellyfish sting protective effect in this product.
  • Safe Sea Cooling sunblock SPF 30 (50 ml)
    that “cool down” the skin if it is irritated or inflamed
    There is no jellyfish sting protective effect in this product but it help moste people that has got stung by a jellyfish. It calms the skin after sunburns and jellyfish stings.

Safe Sea and the environment

  • The content of Safe Sea was checked by Miljøstyrelsen in Denmark spring 2017 and they have nothing to object. The product do not need any “repellant” or toxic study.
  • Everything in Safe Sea is bio degradable (except for the bottle itself)
  • The product do not contain parabens.
  • The lotion is designed to be used all over your body (which for example a bodyglide isn´t)
  • Do not destroy coral reefs. Noone of these known substances are included in Safe Sea.

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